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Youth Football – remained unbeaten, but still in “only” fourth place.

Youth Football – remained unbeaten, but still in “only” fourth place.

On a school-free White Monday, the Football Academy grass pitches were reserved for a total of ten teams in the Under-13 age group. In addition to the local national selection, there are teams from SKN St. Pölten, GAK, First Vienna, FAC (all from the 2nd Bundesliga), LAZ Vienna, SC Wiener Neustadt, ASK Ebreichsdorf as well as Illes Academy from Szombathely and Vasas Budapest. It was represented. The match is played in two groups – all against all. After the preliminary round matches, which each lasted 20 minutes, the final matches (25 minutes) were scheduled.

Coach Borzel: “The performance is convincing”

Coached by AKA coach Philipp Börzel, Burgenland started the group stage on a high note with a clear 5-1 win over their fellow Wiener Neustadt club. The coach said after the match: We were clearly superior in this match and we deserved to win by this margin.

Against Vienna, his team was ahead 2-1 until one minute before the final whistle, but was forced to concede the goal to equalize from a direct free kick.

Against their peers from SKN St. Pölten, Burgenland picked up the tempo from the start and secured an easy 3-0 win. So the group match against the Szombathely boys was a crucial match as to whether we would qualify for the final or not.

From the start, the Red and Gold players controlled the match, even hitting the crossbar twice. In the end they had to settle for a goalless draw, which meant a match for third place.

The opponent was Laz Vienna, who demanded everything from the red and gold talent. Despite falling behind at the start, they managed to equalize again (1:1). But they clearly lost in the subsequent penalty shootout.

Borzel and assistant coach Christian Stottenstein used a total of 24 players, all of whom played. “No one could beat us in the group stage,” Borzel praised after the tournament. “We were able to keep up with established competitors very well. We were able to see that high-quality work was being done at our LAZ sites.

results: Burgenland – SC Wiener Neustadt 5:1, Vienna – Burgenland 2:2, SKN St. Pölten – Burgenland 0:3, Burgenland – AKA Elise 0:0

Ninth place match: SC Wiener Neustadt – Abrichsdorf 1:2. Seventh place match: SKN St. Pölten – FAC Vienna 1:2. Fifth place match: Illes AKA Szombathely – Vasas Kubala Budapest 1:0. Third place match: Burgenland – Laz Vienna 2:5 last: Feb. Vienna 1898 – Jacques 1:2.

Selection coach Filip Borzel was very satisfied with the performance of the U13 kickers. Photo: Ivancic

Martin Ivancic