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Julius Ramig leaves Brinkomer SV and goes to the United States

Julius Ramig leaves Brinkomer SV and goes to the United States

Looking into the unknown: Julius Ramig who is still Brinkum will be “at home” in Jacksonville, Texas starting in September.

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A few years ago he rejected it, and now Julius Ramig takes the opportunity and moves to the USA. There he plays football and studies. According to coach Mike Gabel, Brinkomer SV is losing out on a “really amazing person.”

Brinkum – Mike Gabel wrote a letter to every Brinkum player before the Cup Final. This should act as an added incentive for the match against Bremer SV. Now he lost the final with 1:2 – but in the case of (at least) one player it was of secondary importance in the past. It was the gesture and content that Julius Rahmij touched. Says the BSV representative, “There was just something about him, based on my motto that he was proud of me and wished me all the best, that was definitely the most beautiful thing he could have done for me when I left.” Creamy in the USA.

“I will be traveling on July 30th,” he says. Destination: Jacksonville, Texas. He will then play soccer and study in college (junior). What exactly? Ramij doesn’t really know that yet. “Business or sports management,” he says, and he explains, “The first two years are just core subjects, and after that I have to change college and see what and how to do it.”

First of all, the 22-year-old is more excited about the unknown. Because a distance learning degree in sports management did not make him happy. Which, however, was less down to topic than way. “Just sitting at home wasn’t the only real thing,” Ramij says with a smile.

At one point, his brother broke into the common room with the idea of ​​trying again with a potential scholarship. After all, Julius Rahmig had already had inquiries during his time at SV Werder’s youth training center. For almost seven years he did not really deal with it (“He was on Facebook and seemed very suspicious, I wanted to become a professional in Germany”), this time he made an active effort – and he was successful.

The coach from Jacksonville College called through his friend’s agency Timo Sürstedt and a few redirects, and after some time to think about it and two rejections at two schools in California and Oregon, he said yes in Texas. “This is a good college football, and some people watch it there, which helps to recommend themselves for some time after two years,” Ramig explains.

It is important for him to be able to follow his passion for football at a good level. Significantly, he has already registered at Brinkum again for the Christmas holidays. At the beginning of December he will be back for a few weeks – and will be a welcome guest at BSV Training.

Because on the team, Rahmig made good friends in Nicolai Gräpler or Hyoungbin Park. And the relationship with Gable could hardly be better. “We’re coping very well,” asserts the 39-year-old. On the lawn, but also approx. “In the first year we talked a lot about FIFA (simulated football, Dr. Editor) in order to get into a conversation,” says Ramij, who was brought in in 2019 by new Brinkum coach Gable. I have a lot of talk about football, the team or even team planning, Mike likes to get opinions from the team.”

As a result of his training at the Youth Training Center in Bremen, Ramig did not know this type of coach contact. “You’ve always had such a distance,” he says, “and Mike was the first to make such a friendly connection.”

In any case, Gabel is already missing his all-around founder. He says, “We are losing a really great person. Every player has to give the team more than he takes from him. Julius gave the team a lot, a lot.” The compliment will go like oil at Rahmig. Almost as much as a handwritten letter.