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Severe criticism of the semi-final referee after the penalty decision

Severe criticism of the semi-final referee after the penalty decision

After the controversial penalty decision at Euro 2020, referee Makelele came under heavy criticism. ZDF Gräfe expert noted the quality loss.

The controversial decision. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • The penalty decision for the semi-final match between England and Denmark was heavily criticized.
  • It was very difficult for former referee Manuel Gref. It also sees a loss of quality.
  • But due to a slight contact, the VAR was unable to intervene.

It was The decisive scene in the semi-finals Euro 2020. England Raheem Sterling Fell in the Danish penalty area – a penalty says the referee. A very difficult decision that is criticized even in England.

Danish newspaper BT says she should never have given it. from “judgment”free giftGerman writes Sportschau. on ZDF Former referee Manuel Gref does not hold back from criticism.

Danny McKeley has very little experience. This was the first major tournament for the now struggling Dutchman. The expert said he may have been influenced by many English fans at Wembley. “He should have stayed calm.”

There was contact, but Sterling was already intending to get a penalty in the fencing. The decision was very difficult for him and it was not to match the streak of referee and championship. In general, “a loss of quality” is observed – even at the highest levels, says Gräfe.

Is the penalty whistle justified?

The previous referee also stated that due to the contact, the VAR did not intervene. This is the default setting for a file UEFAThis also applies to Euro 2020.

On Twitter Many England fans reported a penalty kick. Most of them agreed with the criticism of the decision, calling it a mistake. One user wrote that it was “never a penalty kick”, but England must have gotten lucky at some point. “So far, the rulers have always stolen it.”

The person who is different is Raheem Sterling: The opponent extends his leg. “Obvious penalty.”

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