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Joe Gerner meets his archenemy again in prison

Joe Gerner meets his archenemy again in prison


January 20 2022 – 8:32 am hour

Joe Gerner has to serve a six-month prison sentence

Because Joe Gerner (Wolfgang Bahru) committed civil justice to his daughter, Now it He is serving a six-month prison sentence. The lawyer spends his time in prison reading in the hope that he can live freely again as soon as possible. But suddenly someone stands in front of him in prison that Joe did not expect – his archenemy Pagan Linostrami. You can see what happens next exclusively in our spoiler video.

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Warning spoilers! Joe meets this guy in prison

Pagan Linostrami was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2012. It almost destroyed the Joe family at the time. He was also responsible for the kidnapping of Joe Gerner’s sons Dominic and Patrick. But what does it mean to meet the two in prison now? Is Linostrami still seeking revenge because Gerner put him behind bars? The sequel follows…

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