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'Insanely disappointed': Helen Fisher laments intimate details betrayal

‘Insanely disappointed’: Helen Fisher laments intimate details betrayal

Updated on November 4, 2021, 2:34 pm

  • Helen Fisher is one of the biggest stars in the country But fame is too much of a burden for the 37-year-old.
  • She does not always succeed, for example, in protecting her private life from the public: her pregnancy was known earlier, when the pop star was unwell.
  • In an interview, she talked about the dangers of life in the spotlight and the betrayal of her most intimate private details.

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In her words, Helen Fisher is “incredibly disappointed” that her pregnancy was revealed to the public prematurely. “We intentionally withheld it for a long time, and at first we only shared it in the very narrowest circle – in families,” the pop star said in an interview with Die Zeit.

“When I recorded my production for ZDF, I was too far away and had to tell some people about it.” Someone must have “betrayed her,” the 37-year-old continued. She could not imagine who it was, but: “There must be someone around us talking.”

“We had the same game when we broke up with Florian and me,” the singer said. “We actually wanted to wait to announce it, we got betrayed here too.” At the time, it happened “exactly what we didn’t want to share our most intimate emotional world with the public.” Fischer and Florian Silberisen broke up in 2018 after a decade-long relationship.

Helen Fisher: “My private life is my only protection”

According to media reports about a Pregnancy was the singer She addressed her fans on Instagram at the beginning of October. “Although my current condition is fine, we would have liked to wait a little longer for this news to reach the public,” she wrote at the time, without specifically mentioning the pregnancy. Fisher He has been in a relationship with stuntman Thomas Seitel (36) since 2018.

According to her own statement, the singer is trying to protect her private life not only in connection with pregnancy, but also in general. “I just want to do my job, be on stage as an artist, and then close the door and just be a normal person.”

However, journalism often goes beyond its limits. Through her work and perhaps the media coverage, which greatly upsets her, she has learned to be open on stage, but not allow journalists to delve into her private life. “My private life is my only refuge, my only protection.”

Pop singer feels ‘caged’

She is not currently followed day and night by the paparazzi, but is sometimes caught in front of her house or on the road. “We used to have a vacation property in Spain which was unbearable for me at one point. I couldn’t stop there because the paparazzi were always there.”

She said she didn’t want to show her displeasure to everyone “time”. “If I start to get really angry, it’s only going to hurt myself, because you’re going to get exactly the pictures I don’t want to see in the press – my angry face or how I yell at them to leave me alone.” Sometimes it feels like you’re trapped in a cage.

She comes from a simple family and leads a relatively normal life. “A lot of people can’t even imagine how normal my life is, too blurry and chaotic. If you try me alone, all the superlatives fade away.” (dpa/thp)

At the beginning of October, Helen Fisher announced that she was pregnant. Since then, her followers have been waiting for photos of the singer. Now there are finally the first pictures of the baby ball.