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"How I miss you."  Dominic Rinderknecht suffers from a heartache.

“How I miss you.” Dominic Rinderknecht suffers from a heartache.

Dominique Rinderknecht is visiting his family in Switzerland. She describes on Instagram her great longing for her South African fiancé Drew Gage – and they’ve been posting a picture together for a long time.

She will soon be returning to Cape Town with her fiancé and soon-to-be husband, as former Miss Switzerland Dominique Renderknecht writes in her adorable wanderlust.

Rinderknecht became engaged to South African musician and pilot Drew in May 2021. Wedding will follow soon, date unknown. Miss Switzerland 2013 was in a relationship with model Tammy Glauser.

The home of Zurich not only does well in love, but it steps on the gas professionally. Dominique Rinderknecht has created a new mainstay. She is not only a model and presenter, but she recently launched her own fashion label.

Blue News presenter Vanya Spisha was at her home for the launch of her first collection. You can watch the full talk in the video below.

Dominique Rinderknecht: “I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time”

She fell in love in her adopted country of South Africa, especially with musician Drew Gage. Now she is starting her first fashion brand, Hueregeil. The ex-miss presents her new baby – and talks about her life in Cape Town.