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Bachechlorette Yulia Pinza has quit her job

The Bachelorette already has two burnouts

Julia Penza quit her job

Yulia Penza breaks new ground and quits her job to do so. Having already exhausted herself several times, this Zurich-born wants to step down.

Turns her life upside down: Bachelorette Yulia Banza (29 years old) decided, two months after the end of filming, to quit her job at the make-up school. “Two years ago, after a second burnout, I toyed with the idea of ​​quitting,” Blake explains. But at that time she pulled herself together because she really enjoys her work despite the stress.

But now is the time for her to draw a line. “I’ve noticed in the past few months that this is the right move for me. Bachelor says. But she also emphasizes: “It has nothing to do with the TV show.”