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Heroes 3 console release information has been released

Heroes 3 console release information has been released

Company of Heroes 3 for PC will be released in February 2023. A console version will follow at a later date. Now a new trailer has been released in the form of revealing the gameplay on the console. This shows you how you’ll play the game later on console – it doesn’t even look bad.

Tactical Stop as a new feature

In the new trailer, you can see part of the Italian campaign. Also part of the performance: tactical break (full tactical break). This is probably a console player’s best friend, as the break allows for full redirection. You can also easily enter orders into the queue while you are at it.

Moreover, the new scheme of operation with the console is presented with the trailer. As you will see, the interface has been completely overhauled. In doing so, one has likely placed a value on intuitive operation and readability. Ultimately, everyone should be able to play at their “own pace”.

CoH 3 screenshot
photo: YouTube/Relic Entertainment

Action, tactics and strategy for the console

You can find more differences between the PC and console versions In the official instructions. So console players will do without mod support and the in-game store.

If you watched the trailer, you’ll definitely want more. Fortunately, at least the PC version is not far away. I’m sure there are a lot of really excited fans out there. Company of Heroes 3 will be released for PC on February 23, 2023. A PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X version will follow later.

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