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Better scaling with Intel or AMD CPUs?

Better scaling with Intel or AMD CPUs?

From Julius is bald
Potential buyers of the current generation of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD should also keep an eye on their current CPU performance. The question is often asked whether a bottleneck can arise from the processor side or which CPUs – be it Intel or AMD – are the best.

In addition to AMD, direct competitor Nvidia has also launched a new generation of graphics cards in the form of the Geforce RTX 4000 series. As current tests show, the latest ray tracing GPUs with current generation Intel processors can scale in certain instances better than CPUs. Similar from AMD. So what does this comparison look like when applied to AMD’s current RDNA 3 GPUs?

Intel vs AMD: Who Scales Better With RDNA 3?

Of course, there will be a detailed PC gaming hardware test of the RDNA 3 release. In this context, we will also test how much it makes a difference whether the AMD or Intel CPU runs in the home computer and whether there are differences in CPU construction. Unfortunately, it is still too early to get detailed data on the performance differences of processors under the Radeon RX 7900 XT or Radeon RX 7900 XTX.

But for potential buyers, it can happen Our article is about the comparison between Geforce and Radeon Detecting differences in the driver. Here, the CPU is mainly used to see if there are fundamental differences on the part of the graphics cards. In a few days there will be more detailed information on RDNA 3’s performance and all comparisons with the direct competition here on PC gaming hardware. Of course, we also look at the CPU side.