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Helen Fischer Ammersee's villa causes problems among residents

Helen Fischer Ammersee’s villa causes problems among residents

In 2017, Helen Fischer (36 years old) bought a plot of land in the small village of Inning (D) am Ammernsee – at that time with her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen (39 years old). Since the separation, the pop singer has been planning to build her dream home with her new partner Thomas Settle (35 years old). After much hardship, the property should now be ready for occupancy. According to the “Bunte” report, the villa on the site not only creates enthusiasm.

According to the magazine, the neighbors still should not make friends with the fact that soon they will live next to a huge star. New sticking point: Fisher and Settle must plan to draw a high level of privacy protection around their world. Residents should now fear that this could “destroy the open character of the district”. According to municipal laws, only 1.20m high fences are actually allowed on public roads. On the site, the pop singer’s property is known only as “Klotz am See”.

“This disturbs the view of the city”

Early in 2018, Fischer encountered resistance due to their building plans. Both the building committee and the local council spoke out against building the villa. “The construction project is disrupting the site with massive development and thus affecting the site,” she said at the time. Then the district office responsible for approval in neighboring Starnberg finally canceled Inning—and approved the project. (to talk)