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Bachelorette: That's why Hendrik left voluntarily

Bachelorette: That’s why Hendrik left voluntarily

In fact, Maxim Herbord decides on the “bachelorette” which candidate should go home. Now the first candidate has left the dating show

The basics in brief

  • In the second episode of “The Bachelorette”, the program left three candidates.
  • However, Hendrik left the show of his own volition.
  • Maxim finds Hendrik’s decision perfectly fine and shows understanding.

After Maxim Herboard did it first Dario’s history Hendrik left the show alone before the night of sending roses home. The reason is easy to explain.

The 33-year-old finds it strange that he finds the lady of his heart this way. Plus, it takes a little longer to build trust and feelings for someone.

My current impression told me that it would not be possible for me in this form.” However, Hendrik emphasized that Maxim was a wonderful woman in spite of everything and wished her luck in finding a suitable man.

“The Bachelorette”: a saying that shows understanding

However, Maxime doesn’t seem to find Hendrik’s voluntary exit bad at all. In the one-on-one interview, Maxim said, “He explained it to me in a really nice way – very frankly, very honestly, and I can understand it.”

Even before the episode, Maxim made it clear that she would never find a bad rejection. “That’s totally fine. Actually, I prefer it because I need security.”

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