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Heidi Klum: Your GNTM poster shows a clear Photoshop fail

Heidi Klum: Your GNTM poster shows a clear Photoshop fail

Heidi Klum The GNTM poster shows a clear Photoshop failure

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In the new poster for the film “Germany's Next Top Model”, Heidi Klum appears in a crowd of men. But that's not the only thing her fans are noticing, there are other interesting details related to a Photoshop glitch.

In less than two weeks, the time has finally come and fashion lovers can look forward to the premiere of the 19th season of “Germany's Next Top Model”. This year, Heidi Klum, 50, is focusing on inclusive diversity! Everything is different from usual. Not only skinny, curvy or older women compete, but men too! Some of the candidates can already be seen on the new poster for the TV show, presenting themselves with the supermodel mother in the middle. Heidi is shown lying seductively on top of the well-trained participants who look confidently into the camera. But this is not all that attentive viewers see at first glance. There is a noticeable change in the juror's hand.

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Before the show began, the 50-year-old also promoted 'GNTM' on her Instagram account. She shares this with her twelve million followers by contributing official posters. In the middle of a scene of toned six-pieces, attractive faces and, above all, Heidi's sensual pose, almost no one noticed that the model's lower hand showed only four fingers. This obvious Photoshop failure in production by no means escapes the attentive viewer.

While the production impresses at first glance with its visual ingenuity, the unusual number of fingers on Heidi's hand comes into focus upon closer inspection. Juicy details put the flawless production in a surprising light and raise questions about the quality of the editing. Obviously, the model does not want countless comments about the photo's error and turns off the comment function within the Instagram post. The format's social media account also avoids sharing the new poster. Photographer Rankin, on the other hand, loves his photographic masterpiece and is open to a lot of feedback.

Criticisms have arisen over the years.

Two years ago, fans noticed something about the promotional photos for Season 17. When it came to the models posing on silver scaffolding, the focus wasn't on Heidi, but on another candidate. “Of course. Pure. Beautiful,” ProSieben writes on Facebook. But users didn't notice anything normal when they looked at the color image.

“What is she doing with her right hand on the far left of the picture?” one user asks. The model sits on the scaffold with a twitching hand and tries to stand without being shown on stage. Fans quickly realized that it “may have been a redaction error.” The broadcaster commented on the comment and explained that the model showed “tact” during filming.

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