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Beatrice Egli's pants exploded – and then the next collapse happened

Beatrice Egli's pants exploded – and then the next collapse happened

“I'm really into it.” Beatrice Egli ripped her pants while filming a video for TikTok. But the pop star handled the flaw with humor. Her 180,000 TikTok followers are celebrating Ely for this reason.

On camera: Beatrice Egli tears her pants

I suppose this didn't work. Beatrice Egli shared a glitch video on TikTok. In it you can see Igli lying on the ground and laughing loudly.

Her black leather pants are ripped at the crotch. Egli holds face powder in one hand. In the other was a bottle of lipgloss. “I just wanted to do a TikTok,” she said with a laugh.

At this second, the next incident comes after the pants tearing incident. While laughing, Egli accidentally holds the lipgloss bottle askew – and the lipgloss drips down her thigh.

“What's going on here?” Egli said, gasping with laughter. Her humorous conclusion after the double incident: “I really like it.”

The video description below the TikTok reads: “POV: Filming a TikTok with Beatrice Egli is always full of risks.” Reference to the pop star hit.

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After tearing her pants on TikTok: Beatrice Egli deals with it with humor

Fans are delighted that Beatrice Egli is busting her pants with humor. One follower commented on the video, saying: “Beatrice, you are amazing.” Another wrote: “Your cheerful nature is simply magical.” Another wanted a moment of silence because of his pants.

By the way: Beatrice Egli has made a very special musical record. Egli almost never went to the second DSDS team.