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Deeper videos offer many improvements

Deeper videos offer many improvements

( – Long-running game series, especially those whose titles have a number or year in the name, have a reputation that from a certain point on, development studios rest on their laurels, doing only what is necessary. The biggest difference between… Previous year version and current version in license data, drivers, teams, cars, changed tracks and some visual updates.

EA Sports F1 24 will be available from the end of May

That's from him at EA Sports F1 24 EA and Codemasters underscore this by cleverly allocating free Formula 1 time between the Chinese Grand Prix and the Miami Grand Prix In-depth videos that go into more detail about the innovations already introduced And using animated images to stimulate anticipation for the official match of the Formula 1 World Championship, organized by the International Automobile Federation and announced on May 31.

Players and Formula 1 fans will receive detailed information about the new dynamic handling model in this 5:17 minute in-depth gameplay experience.

A 5:29-minute deep dive into the profession is dedicated to the new Driver career, which not only allows you to slip into the role of your favorite driver from past and present for the first time, but also new gameplay with secret contract negotiation. Highlighted are Meetings, the new Challenge Career game mode, and a redesigned player career, rebuilt from the ground up and incorporating all Driver Career changes.

And if you like what's shown in the video, you can set April 29, 2024 when you'll get your first look at the gameplay itself.