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Your horoscope: The full moon means the end!  Three zodiac signs can now hope

Your horoscope: The full moon means the end! Three zodiac signs can now hope

The full moon is said to have tremendous cosmic powers. According to popular belief, it is said to have an effect on our sleep. But the moon phase also has an impact on the zodiac signs.

Astrologers are currently talking about the so-called pink full moon. However, this is not a crazy celestial phenomenon that gives the moon its unusual color. The name has its roots in the indigenous people of North America, who called it the pink phlox that blooms in early spring. You can find out here whether the full moon in April also affects your zodiac sign.

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Your sign: The pink full moon marks a turning point

On Tuesday evening (April 23) the special moon was in full bloom. This time it happened under the sign of Scorpio and brought with it a cosmic whirlpool. The moon phase is designed to leave the past behind you, listen to yourself, and make a fresh start. According to your zodiac sign, three zodiac signs can now benefit from this.

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Like sensitive cancer. For him, the pink full moon at the end of April has healing powers. According to your zodiac sign, it gives the water sign new energy. So it may be helpful to face new or old challenges during this time.

Positive impact on personal life and friendships

Thanks to the influence of the Moon, practical Capricorn will be particularly focused and assertive at the end of this month. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus also influence this. Capricorn now has clarity on some questions. The zodiac sign should now also use the time to rethink its goals. Thanks to the full moon, connections with friends can now be renewed with minimal effort.

And last but not least, the fish is now blessed with cosmic energy. Instead of turmoil, he now had a real boost of power. No matter what the watermark touches now, it succeeds instantly. According to the horoscope, under the influence of the full moon, all doors are now open to new hobbies for this zodiac sign. Have you always wanted to learn to draw or take a knitting course? Then now is the best time for it.