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King Charles' condition after surgery: Camilla let him get away with the appointment

King Charles' condition after surgery: Camilla let him get away with the appointment

This was perhaps one of the biggest shocking news of the year for all royal fans: King Charles III. He had to go to the hospital! The 75-year-old man was operated on there. The reigning King of England was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, which required surgery. He was released on Monday (January 29) after being detained for three days. But how is Prince William and Harry's father doing today? His wife Camilla is now spilling the beans on a date. Your reaction speaks volumes.

King Charles: Camilla talks about health

King Charles III was treated at the London Clinic in Marylebone. And he wasn't alone there: his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, was also receiving treatment there at the same time (we reported). When he was released, many onlookers were already waiting in front of the entrance to catch a glimpse of the king.

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He smiled, waved, and left in the car. He seemed fine. And now his wife is also talking about the king's health. She revealed what was happening behind the scenes at the opening of the new Maggie's Cancer Support Center at the Royal Free Hospital in north-west London.

How is King Charles?

During the official visit, British businessman Sir Gerald Ronson receives Camilla. Since there had been only one topic in England for several days: the King's health, he stormed straight through the door and asked about it. The 76-year-old answers him frankly and frankly.

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“He is moving forward and doing his best,” she said in an interview with attendees. So the King of England is on the mend! very lucky.