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Greater range as an opportunity: Edelweiss plans to use the Airbus A320 Neo from 2025

Greater range as an opportunity: Edelweiss plans to use the Airbus A320 Neo from 2025

The Swiss holiday airline is also renewing its fleet for short and medium-haul flights. It is based on the Airbus A320neo aircraft. This allows Edelweiss to also head to destinations in the Arabian Gulf.

The decision has been made for the long-haul fleet. Edelweiss will gradually take delivery of six Airbus A350 aircraft from 2025. The Swiss holiday airline is replacing its five Airbus A340-300 aircraft. This not only makes its fleet younger and more economical in one fell swoop. The larger scale will also provide access to new holiday destinations in the future, he explained.

This is exactly what the Lufthansa subsidiary plans to do with its short- and medium-duty fleet. It currently operates 13 Airbus A320 aircraft with an average age of just under 19 years. The oldest example is approximately 25 years old, and the youngest is approximately 11 years old. Edelweiss wants to revamp this too, as does boss Bernd Bauer of the aviation data provider CH Aviation to explain.

It’s not just a younger, more economical fleet

The choice is clear. According to current planning, the first A320 Neo will likely be introduced from 2025 to replace the first A320, Bauer said. Here too there is another advantage in addition to the significant renewal of the fleet and reduced kerosene consumption. Modern aircraft have a longer range.

The goal is to further reduce seasonality in the business, Bauer explained. That’s why they are looking for new destinations with the help of the A320 Neo. “We want to expand to medium-term goals. Cape Verde is one such destination, the Azores is another, and we also fly to the north, and I can imagine that with the longer range we could fly to the Persian Gulf region, and for that we will need Neos aircraft.” To CH Aviation.

New mid-range destinations are becoming possible

It would be hard to imagine any other option for Edelweiss. Because its Swiss sister also relies on the A320 Neo and A321 Neo for its short and medium fleet. This leads to synergy when it comes to spare parts and maintenance. The two Swiss subsidiaries of Lufthansa will also operate the same model on long-haul flights in the future: the A350.