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Seven in one on UBS and CS accounts

Seven in one on UBS and CS accounts

French-speaking Swiss private bank Piguet-Galand has strengthened its team of private client advisors with six men and one woman. You are moving from Credit Suisse and UBS to the subsidiary of Vaudois Cantonal Bank.

Private bank Piguet Galland has appointed seven new advisors to private clients. The new employees, five of whom previously worked in private banking at Credit Suisse (CS) and two at UBS, will look after clients in Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Nyon and the Geneva region.

By strengthening people, Piguet wants to support Galland’s growth, as in… Announcement from Thursday he is called. This confirms strengthening local roots as one of the main strategic goals.

Some decades of experience

Join the team based in Lausanne Jerome Morel, Thierry Schneeberger, Xavier Delaloy And Irina Ramananzoa. The agency was in Neuchâtel Alessandro Maggiore Charged, Thomas Rochat He will work in the bank’s representative office in Nyon, W.C Xavier Francy We will advise clients in Geneva and the region.

Schneeberger has worked at CS since 2006, temporarily in the Hong Kong office, and most recently was a senior client advisor in Lausanne. Morel was a senior client advisor for the Lausanne-Montreux region at UBS. Maggiore also served UBS private wealth management clients in Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

From UBS to CS

Delaloye also has many years of experience. After working at UBS and private bank Edouard Constant, he moved to CS in Lausanne in 2006. Ramanentswa joined Piguet Galland as a junior wealth advisor alongside Delaloy and Schneeberger.

For his part, Rochat has been in client service for more than 15 years, first at UBS and then at CS in the Lake Geneva region. Francie has also worked at both major banks and can draw on more than 20 years of experience, including the last 12 years at CS.

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