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Simply the funniest photos and videos of the week

Simply the funniest photos and videos of the week

A self-selection of entertaining tweets that made us smile or laugh this week. I listen!

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When the crossword puzzle becomes difficult again

Why you always know where to start Holland


When the US threatens to ban TikTok


What happened to Heidi Klum?


Recently in front of the restaurant restrooms


The AfD explained this succinctly and succinctly

How are the toilets of AfD politicians now classified?

You see that too, don't you?

If you have to wait that long again


Makes sense too!

If you don't understand the difference between weather and climate in 2024

If you think there are no stupid questions


If only doctors were honest

“Your son was not vaccinated and now has measles.”

“I want a second opinion!”

“You're an idiot.”

If the AfD uses AI again in its election posters


Meanwhile in the USA

The current situation in Ukraine is explained in a cartoon

How does the policy work?

“You don't have to fight them, you just have to convince the torchbearers that the torchbearers want to take the pitchfork from them.”

How does artificial intelligence currently work?

If you buy a yacht and notice that your neighbor seems to have a few extra zeros in his account

Talk about billionaires

Tesla fans in 30 years

When you have the perfect answer

Dr. Oetker's Twitter account is what drives us

If the “distracted friend” meme originated in the Middle Ages

And finally: why are we all lost?

Bonus: Because we can't let you continue watching the previous video

James Friedman, the Photoshop troll, has struck again


James Friedman, the Photoshop troll, has struck again

“Can you remove my girlfriend from the background?”


Source: Twitter

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