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Google is showing its new campus in Zurich and wants to get "greener".

Google is showing its new campus in Zurich and wants to get “greener”.

06/27/2022, 17:2606/28/2022, 09:11

Number of Google employees in Zurich It increased to about 5,000. On Monday, the American technology group opened its second campus in the city on Europaallee, near the main train station.

Thus Zurich remains the company’s largest research and development location outside the United States, according to Patrick Warking, head of state. The Google Switzerland said Monday at the opening of the new “Campus Europaallee”. It’s the largest site in the city, and half of Zurich’s Google employees work there.


Google Switzerland showcases its new offices

Source: Google

Offices in the nearby former Sihlpost building opened about five years ago. The company is also still on Hürlimann, Google’s first major location in Zurich, which opened in 2007.

“Zooglers,” as Google calls its Zurich employees, works on various well-known products from the tech company, such as the YouTube video platform, online map service Google Maps or artificial intelligence image recognition.

The original twenty-five people in Zurich, from 2000 around the world at that time, had become 5,000, writes Blake.

Google wants to get greener

According to Urs Hölzle, chief engineer at Google and chief engineer from the Basel region, the Zurich site has the potential to grow even more. “Google has grown strong here so far because Zurich provides very good framework terms,” ​​he said.

The new campus in the video (uncommented):

Video: Watson

According to Hölzle, Google intends to focus more on Sustainability Puts. For example, by 2030, the company wants to cover its energy needs not only in a CO2-neutral way, but also completely CO2-free.

Google wants to cover its electricity consumption exclusively and at all times with carbon-neutral energy sources in the respective regional power grid. Use of Google services should not emit any carbon dioxide.

Additionally, technologies from Google, such as cloud-based artificial intelligence, should help other organizations improve their environmental footprint as well.


How would our life be without Google?


How would our life be without Google?

When Google reads Swiss memes…

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