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Temporary assistance: Lufthansa employees are also upset by the assignment in Switzerland

Temporary assistance: Lufthansa employees are also upset by the assignment in Switzerland

Indeed, Lufthansa crews should assist on board Swiss flights. But now there is also resistance from the employees of the German airline.

In fact it seemed like everything was in dry fabrics. He will assist the Lufthansa cabin crew in Switzerland for up to nine months from July. In return, they get unpaid leave from their employer. The Swiss airline will provide you with a room during this time and you will also receive a special payment of CHF500 per month (€480) for the “extra expenses”.

However, it is not yet clear whether the employee loan will actually take place. Because in the representation of the staff to the flight attendants at Lufthansa there is resistance. Among other things, it criticizes in a letter to employees that aeroTELEGRAPH has access, on the other hand, requests for special unpaid leave are denied when it comes to private matters such as studying or a second job. On the other hand, employees are granted leave of absence for Swiss temporary assistance.

“The plotters take turns, the crew walks on their gums”

The message reads, “How can a handful of people who desperately need this special leave receive a rejection while it is being poured on another batch of manpower like a watering can, only to save the group optimally?” Especially since the conditions are not very attractive, because the increase in seniority, which entails, among other things, additional privileges, for example in the planning of duty, is at a standstill.

But what also upsets the staff representatives: the fact that staff are being handed over while Lufthansa itself is also unavailable. “The planners take turns, the crew walks on their gums,” the message reads. Sometimes the planes took off with one or two staff, sometimes without an operator. “There is a shortage of colleagues everywhere and we still distribute them to the Swiss,” continues the staff representative. We say clearly: No!

A final decision is pending with the Business Council

It was said at Lufthansa that the plans with the Swiss would not have an effect on this. Because: You have explicitly addressed employees who do not currently have a valid license. According to the letter, Lufthansa Flight Training’s training center does not currently have the ability to “restart everyone at the same time”. However, employee representation requires that you invest again in training your employees and looking for other solutions.

From Switzerland it is said that the use of Lufthansa crews is still planned. “However, the final decision is still pending with the Lufthansa Business Council,” a spokesperson adds.

The Swiss crews are also critical of the plans

Not only are Lufthansa crews angry at the plans. also in The Swiss annoyed some of the employees. Specifically, it was about the terms of the contracts. It is sometimes said that they were better than their country. But according to a Swiss, it’s not about improvement but about equality.