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GNTM: New allegations against the show

GNTM: New allegations against the show

GNTM: Lijana advocates for a cyberbullying organization

Because now Legana posted on YouTube New video Entitled “The Truth About the Future of GNTM,” it’s where I ask my supermodel mom, Heidi. The topic was especially hers Cyber ​​bullying Important. At the time, Lijana herself experienced so much hate online that she just had to police protection left home. And she demanded that changes be made so that other candidates would not suffer either. You can do this via Put the cyberbullying organization aside, she resumed. Such an organization can help the broadcaster better evaluate scenes and thus avoid publishing sensitive scenes in the first place.

Over at ProSieben, Lijana’s latest video seems disturbing. announcer announced:

Unfortunately, Lijana Kaggwa seems to have forgotten a few things.

This way, the contestants will have a social media team at their side throughout the show to give them advice and help. But is this the kind of help Legana wants?

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