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$200 million. German fashion designer treats himself to a dream villa.

Bling-Bling designer Philipp Blaine has treated himself to a new home at Los Angeles’ most stylish address. A dream property called Falconview, it cost $200 million to build.

Big, don’t mess up, is the motto of German fashion designer Philipp Plein. his fashion? Pompous and unusual.

And when a fashion designer like Philipp Plein moves in, he’s in a veritable palace.

His new dream home in Los Angeles has the delightful name Chateau Falconview and he even has his own Instagram account. Construction costs for the XXL house were $200 million. This makes Falconview one of the most expensive real estate in the United States.

“It was always my childhood dream to have a home in Los Angeles. Since I was 16, I’m now 45!” Philip Blaine told the magazine “Colorful Live”.

The stars are like Plains Fashion

Philip Plein has built a huge fashion empire. The German magazine “Wealth” wrote that his estimated earnings in 2023 amount to 40 million euros. With a total fortune estimated at 152 million euros.

Famous fans of Plein include hotel heiress Paris Hilton, rap artist Snoop Dogg, and singer Iggy Azalea.

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