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German video game Enshrouded is now available on PC at Early AccessNews

German video game Enshrouded is now available on PC at Early AccessNews

Emanuela (January 24, 2024 at 7:00 pm)

German video game Enshrouded is now available on PC in Early Access

Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2024 German development studio Keen Games releases a cooperative survival action RPG today surrounded For PC in Early Access. The title from Germany is an action-based RPG with extensive building and crafting options set in a massive, changeable voxel world where players can explore infested lands alone or in collaboration with up to 16 players whose ancestors must explore them. He survives. Early Access provides countless hours of adventure with greater freedom of play, inspiring players to tell their own story in a world of their own making. surrounded It will continue to grow in Early Access and will be released as a full release and on consoles in the future.

surrounded It was first revealed in May 2023 and is now playable for everyone on Steam in Early Access. Development studio Keen Games has used its previous experience developing Portal Knights to position the cooperative survival action RPG as a beginner-friendly title in the role-playing, building, and fantasy genres. Focus on surrounded It lies in the artistic influence of the players, who are given great creative freedom in their adventures to immerse themselves in the mysterious world and who are not punished for their mere presence in the game world. surrounded It offers many gameplay options to explore and progress, from expansive and flexible skill trees to building elaborate bases on completely redesigned landscapes and even item crafting. Players decide from the beginning when, where and how far they want to go.

surrounded Can be played alone or with up to 16 players in co-op mode. The home base can be built as simply or as complex as desired using tools that allow for speed and ingenuity in construction. Additionally, unlockable characters will reside in the home base as survivors and provide supplies and recipes that will come in handy during adventures. Thanks to the proprietary voxel engine surrounded All creations fit seamlessly into the environment, ensuring freedom and creativity.

As the Flameborn, players must hunt, gather, and build to explore and restore the remnants of a once-thriving civilization plagued by a mysterious mist that mars the landscape. The Shroud is inhabited by ferocious monsters and restless, vengeful creatures called Fells, who attack relentlessly to expand the mist's domain and protect the rare lands and resources within it. Outside of the mist, many other monsters roam the lands, including a massive Vukah with her treasure chests, as well as common thieves bent on extracting valuable elixirs from springs scattered throughout the various biomes. Players must face dangers to discover their destiny as the last hope of an ancient race, unlock their hidden powers and enter a new future of their choosing.

surrounded It is a cooperative survival action RPG set in the voxel-based world of Embervale. As Flameborn, the last spark of a dying civilization, players can venture into a massive world alone or with up to 16 players, defeating challenging bosses, building great halls and setting their own path. To restore the kingdom's beauty and lost history, they must delve deeper into the deadly mists that haunt the land and hold rare treasures and terrifying creatures. surrounded It was first playable as part of Steam Next Fest in October 2023 and earned the titles of “Most Played Demo”, “Most Requested Game” and “Most Daily Active Users”. The co-op action RPG is currently the 8th most requested game on Steam.

surrounded Now available for PC steam Available in early access. A full release and console versions are planned for the future. More information is available at Official Website And also on Sedition, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok And Youtube.