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Overwatch Champion Series: The Future of Overwatch Esports

Overwatch Champion Series: The Future of Overwatch Esports

Blizzard Entertainment and ESL FACEIT GROUP (EFG) Announce groundbreaking news: They're setting up Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS), based on Overwatch 2, ushered in a new era in eSports. This innovation not only signals a change in Overwatch esports, but also shapes the future of digital competitions.

Change to Overwatch Champion Series

OWL has built a loyal fan base since its inception and has seen some amazing esports moments. However, at the end of 2023, the team owners decided to withdraw from the league, prompting Activision Blizzard, now owned by Microsoft, to shut down the league and rethink its esports program for Overwatch 2.

The OWCS announcement confirms reports in September that it was in discussions with outside tournament organizers to take over the OWL or develop a new esports program. While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, the fact that EFG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Savvy Games Group owned by Saudi sovereign wealth fund Public Investment Fund, is involved, indicates a significant investment.

Source: Blizzard

Structure and scope of OWCS

OWCS is called “successor “Monitoring League” It aims to make eSports global and more accessible. EFG explained that OWCS will offer an esports arena that is “open, always available and global.” Contests are hosted by EFG in North America and EMEA and WDG (We Design Games Culture) in Asia.

Particular emphasis is placed on integrating Path-to-Pro and professional competitions through ESL, DreamHack, the face Be organized. Each region will have its own series of qualifying competitions and tournaments. These will culminate in two international live events: the DreamHack Dallas Major and the Global Finals during DreamHack Stockholm.

Experience the new era of Overwatch esports with Microsoft, Blizzard and FACEIT: Exciting, global and innovative – OWCS has begun!
Source: Blizzard

The role of FACEIT

the face You will play a central role during the online competitions and qualifying rounds. The platform also supports tournament organizers and community leaders who want to produce contests and community experiences for third parties. This approach encourages broader participation and allows the community to actively participate in shaping the esports experience.

Immerse yourself in the exciting Overwatch Champions series - the future of Overwatch esports is more vibrant and global than ever before!
Source: FaceIt

Outlook and expectations

More details on tournament formats, ticket sales, prize money and more will be announced at a later date. Expectations for OWCS are high, not only because of its ambitious structure, but also because of the participating companies. Combining Blizzard's game development expertise with EFG's events and production expertise promises an exciting future for Overwatch esports fans.

introduction Overwatch Heroes Series It marks a turning point in Overwatch esports. With a renewed focus on global accessibility and community engagement, OWCS appears poised to continue its legacy Monitoring period To continue and expand. While fans and players await more details, anticipation remains high about the new possibilities this change will bring.