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Fuller lips without injections - with this treatment!

Fuller lips without injections – with this treatment!

How does the watercolor lip method work?

With the new aqueous lip method, color is inserted under the skin – just like a tattoo – and worked with soft shades. The correct color is first selected and pre-registered. The special shading technology ensures that the lips become lighter towards the center, creating a slight optical illusion of fuller lips.

How much does a watercolor lip treatment cost?

A little deeper than normal lipstick You have to look in your pocket for this technique: a watercolor lip treatment costs about 500 euros. The right color is decided in a couple of sessions in the cosmetics studio – after which you will have gorgeous lips for about two years without makeup. The darker the color you choose, the longer the look. However, a prerequisite for this is professional treatment and proper reinstatement after about 4 weeks.

Who are the best watercolor lips?

Permanent makeup is actually suitable for everyone who does not have the time and comfort to put on makeup every day. If you love it natural and still want a visible result, then a watercolor lip treatment might be just the thing for you. Because the beauty treatment gently balances the contours of the lips – lips look plump and even. However, those who are prone to infection with herpes should exercise caution. Because in the case of pigmentation of the lips, it is not uncommon for them to break out without prior treatment. You should definitely discuss this with an esthetician beforehand.