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Swiss Music Awards 2022 - Joya Marlene is the clear winner of the Swiss Music Awards 2022 - News

Swiss Music Awards 2022 – Joya Marlene is the clear winner of the Swiss Music Awards 2022 – News


A look back at the last musical year when presenting Switzerland’s biggest music award: The Swiss Music Awards were held tonight at the Zug ice rink on TV at 3+. High-profile, Joya Marilyn collected three awards at her premiere, two of which were won by dialect singer Koons.

10:31 PM – Joya Marilyn – Night Sweeper with 3 SMAs

Loco Escrito has been declared the winner of the “Best Hit” category three times in a row. This year he was not nominated, but was allowed to award it.

It was inherited by Joya Marlin, the clear winner of the evening with three concrete blocks. After the hits “Best Female” and “SRF 3 Best Talent” with “Nightmare,” spotted pop music from St. Gallen also won Best Hit Song. Along with her, Lo & Leduc was nominated for Song of the Year with “Tribute” and Zian from Basel for “Show You”.

10:10 p.m. – If it works, it works with Kunz

The man from central Switzerland receives the second SMA of the evening. After “Best Album”, he can also give a speech accepting the “Best Male” title. And wish more love to the world.

A glimpse of all the 2022 winners

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Desirable paving stone, which is also called concrete block

It weighs 2.3 kg and is cast in concrete

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Best Female Actor: Joya Marilyn
Best Male Actor: Kons
Best Group: Brandao Faber Hunger
Best Album: Koons with “May”.
Best Song: Joya Marilyn, “A Nightmare”
Best SRF Talent 3: Joya Marlin
Best newcomer in fracking: Xian
Best Romanian Actor: Danitsa
Artist Award: Mnevis
Recognition Award: Endo Anaconda
Best International Solo Acting: Ed Sheeran
Best International Group: Imagine Dragons
International Breaking Act Film Award: Olivia Rodrigo
Best Hit International: Nathan Evans, 220 Kid and Belen Ted with “Wellermam”

10:05 PM – My husband Danitsa from Geneva

After 2018, the concrete block won the “Best Act Romandie” category for the second time.

Danitsa with SMA


“Believe in your dreams,” says Danitsa.

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10:01 PM – “Best Hit International” and “Best Breaking Act International”

“Wellerman”, Nathan Evans, 220 KID and Billen Ted won Best Hit International, and Olivia Rodrigo was honored with the title “Best Breaking Act”.

9:53 p.m. – Manevis surprised with “Artist Award”.

An Artist Award is an award given by musicians to musicians. This year it goes to Mnevis, who inspired the scene with their indie pop. The award has been awarded since 2015. Previous winners have been James Gruntz, Sophie Hunger, Sven, Faber, Black Sea Dahu, Bazi and Trumer.

9:35 p.m. – Endo Andaconda is posthumously honored with a ‘Tribute Award’, a standing ovation

The singer, songwriter, and author, who died on February 2, 2022, shaped the Swiss music scene for three decades with Stellar Haas. In emotional personal terms and with standing ovations, Swiss musicians honor the great singer-songwriter, who transitioned between cabaret theater and the pop world.

Picture from the award ceremony


“Tribute Award” to Endo Anaconda

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9:28 p.m. – Two international categories awarded

Ed Sheeran won Best Solo Act International and Imagine Dragons won Best Group International.

9:26 p.m. – Joya Marilyn for the second time in ‘SRF 3 Best Talent’ – and the 19-year-old has a bit of a ‘mess in the seal’

Lovable, wonderfully straightforward, unaffected and a bit clumsy: Joya Marlin, newly crowned “SRF 3 Best Talent” winner on the second concrete block, thanks her and offers another refreshing feature.

9:18pm – “SRF 3 2020 Top Talent Finalist Naomi Larren on stage – and Bitz corrected from SRF 3 to Marco Fritsche at 3+

Naomi Larren on the red carpet


This is Naomi Laren – Queen of R’n’B

…and the 2020 finalist’s “SRF 3 Best Talent” isn’t the winner, said SMA Director Marco Fritsch. Gallen rapper Monet192 at KKL Luzern.

Noel Gidon

9:16 p.m. – “I love you” trio gets “Best Group”

The Brandão Faber Hunger group won the cup. Brugger Dino Brandão premieres, but not Sophie Hunger and Faber, both of whom have already taken home the “Artist Award”. And from the house (probably from his music room) Dino Brandau thanks him with the greeting.

Scene photo at the Zug ice rink


Dino Brandao says thank you with a message

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8:51 PM – Xian is the first ‘overwhelming newcomer’ in history

Previously, the category was called “Best Acting”, now it is all about “Best New Crush”. Basler Zian is the first to hold that title – and he can still hope to grab two more pebbles. Among other things, for “Show You” in the “Best Hit” category. Voting is currently taking place during the TV show. His competitors are: Gioia Marilyn with “Nightmare” and Lo & Leduc with “Tribute”.

Winner Xian on the podium


This is what a charming newcomer looks like: Xian

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8:46 PM – Koons receives Album of the Year

In his acceptance speech, the 36-year-old looks back on his time as a construction apprentice: He really enjoyed concrete at the time, and is even bigger now with concrete block! He’s been nominated three times for an SMA in recent years, and three times left empty-handed. So it worked out in 2022: dialect singer Koons won the first concrete block of his career for his #1 album “My.”

Koons in acceptance letter


Koons wins first SMA of his career

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9:33pm – Joya Marilyn wins ‘Best Female’ – and thank you without taking a breath

Newcomer Joya Marlene wins her first “Swiss Music Award”. A woman from St. Gallen wins the ‘Best Female’ award. Joya, who was nominated two more times, quickly received her acceptance speech. Or: She now holds the record for the shortest acceptance speech with the most words.