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“Farmer Looking for a Wife” star Antonia Hemmer ends up in the hospital

“Farmer Looking for a Wife” star Antonia Hemmer ends up in the hospital

Antonia Hemmer informs her fans of disturbing news.Photo: Instagram/Antonia Hemmer


Imke Gerets

Antonia Hemmer recently spoke to her fans from Tenerife. The star of the movie “Bauer sucht Frau” was filming there. Meanwhile, things remained quiet on her Instagram account. And there was a very specific reason for that: “I’m sorry there’s so little here,” she said. But I really can’t show you anything, otherwise you’d know at once what it’s about. “It should still be a little exciting.”

Antonia is now back in Germany. However, her recent Instagram posts have really worried her fans. The 23-year-old now spoke from hospital.

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Antonia Hemmer is in the hospital

Antonia Hemmer shared two photos from the hospital on her Instagram story. “I was imagining that my evening would be more beautiful somehow,” she wrote about one recording. But at this point, it is not yet clear what exactly happened. Three hours later, the reality star shared another update. After initially thanking her fans for the numerous messages, she finally revealed the reason for her hospital stay.

Antonia Hemmer provides an update from the hospital.

Antonia Hemmer provides an update from the hospital.Photo: Instagram/Antonia Hemmer

“I’ve had a cyst again and thankfully it’s not quite as bad as when I had to have emergency surgery, but it still hurts so much that I’ve had to stay on the safe side I want to,” the trained beautician said. And more: “That’s why I went to the emergency room earlier and am staying here for one night just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow there will be another, more detailed sign of life after the second scan.”

The reality star has undergone emergency surgery in the past

As a reminder: There were already concerns about Antonia’s health in 2021. She had to be admitted to the clinic due to severe abdominal pain. At that time she had an ovarian cyst and even had internal bleeding. For this reason, an emergency operation was launched. There was a risk that the ovaries would die due to the cyst rupturing. After anesthesia, she also vomited frequently.

Antonia Hemmer at the AIR Summer 2024 collection show designed by Anja Gockel in the lobby of the Adlon Kempinski Berlin hotel.  *** Antonia Hemmer at the AIR b summer 2024 collection show...

Antonia Hemmer has visited the clinic several times in recent years.Photo: IMAGO/Baganz

Antonia was also in hospital last year because she again complained of “severe abdominal pain”. However, the cyst turned out to be “unusual.” She stated that she is now more aware of such incidents.