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Bob Ross: The first television painting is on sale for 9 million

Bob Ross: The first television painting is on sale for 9 million

For 9 million

Now you can buy Bob Ross’s first television painting

Famed television artist Bob Ross died in 1995, but his drawing course still inspires viewers today. Ross’s painting is now on sale for nine million francs.


Bob Ross painted this picture in the first episode of his TV series “The Joy of Drawing.”

Modern antiques

  • From 1983 to 1994, Bob Ross painted hundreds of pictures for his TV series “The Joy of Drawing.”

  • His drawing instructions inspired many viewers to copy the images.

  • The first picture in the series is now available for purchase for approximately nine million francs.

An exhibition in the American state of Minnesota is offering the first painting painted by artist Bob Ross in his TV painting course “The Joy of Painting” for sale for approximately ten million dollars (approximately nine million francs). “the The show takes all performances seriously“But don’t be in a rush to sell,” Ryan Nelson, owner of the Modern Antiques Gallery in Minneapolis, told the German news agency on Thursday.

The oil painting “A Walk in the Woods” was created in 1983 for the first episode of the painting exhibition. According to media reports, a volunteer at a TV station bought it for an undisclosed sum and hung it in her home for about 40 years before approaching the gallery to sell it.

Born in Florida in 1942, Ross had a soft voice on his show “The Joy of Painting” for years. The joys of drawing It passed – and impressed millions of fans around the world. When he died in 1995, Ross left behind about 30,000 photographs, which critics see as more kitsch than high art. “The Joy of Painting” still airs nightly on ARD-alpha, and YouTube videos of the episodes have millions of views.

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