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Violation of requirements: Boeing faces criminal proceedings in US

Violation of requirements: Boeing faces criminal proceedings in US

The government said it has not yet decided how to proceed with the matter. Boeing has been given until June 13 to provide an official response. In an initial reaction on Tuesday, the company insisted that, in its sole discretion, it had adhered to the agreement.

In October 2018 and March 2019, two 737 MAX planes crashed, killing 346 people. According to the investigations, a trigger for the crash was that the software on the plane supported the pilots, but interfered with the controls more than they expected. Boeing has come under fire after the planemaker announced that special training for software certified by US authorities was unnecessary.

Central Edition

According to the agreement with the US government, Boeing paid a fine of 243 million dollars (about 225 million euros). Fraud allegations related to information provided to US authorities were not pursued further. However, Boeing used something like a probationary clause with a central requirement to implement a compliance and ethics program. The Ministry of Justice has now insisted that the company will face criminal action if it violates this.

Serious accidents

The 737 Max plane had to stay on the ground for a long time after two crashes until Boeing made improvements. This year, the company was again targeted by the authorities due to a dramatic incident.

In January, part of a new Boeing 737-9 Max owned by US airline Alaska Airlines exploded shortly after takeoff during takeoff. However, by fortunate coincidence, the two seats near the hole in the fuselage were empty and the aircraft was at a relatively low altitude, so the incident was minor and no one was seriously injured.

The US government later launched an investigation and aviation regulator the FAA asked Boeing to submit a plan to improve quality controls. The commission also halted Boeing's planned expansion of 737 Max production until further notice.

Red numbers

The crisis surrounding the 737 Max medium-haul jet also made itself felt in the red. Boeing posted a loss of $355 million (about 332 million euros) in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, Boeing announced last week. Overall deliveries did not go according to plan.

From January to April, Boeing delivered 107 aircraft across all model series, more than half the 203 delivered by its European rival Airbus. As seen from monthly figures released on Tuesday, Boeing received seven new aircraft orders in April. According to reports, 33 engines were canceled during this period.