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Eliane Muller Confirms Her Love For SRF Man Sacha Rover

Eliane Muller Confirms Her Love For SRF Man Sacha Rover

Eileen Mueller confirms the rumors: You and Sascha Rover are a married couple. It also inspires the singer to write new songs.

The basics in brief

  • Eliane Mueller and Sasha Rover are officially married.
  • The singer confirms the rumors about the new relationship.

And now it’s official: Sacha Rover (50) and Eliane Muller (31) are a married couple! the singer Confirm the rumors Opposite “Seetaler Boten”.

“That’s right, Sascha and I are a couple,” says the Lucerne singer. between her and SRF . Sports Broker I was right from the start: “It makes me feel good the way I am.”

The “1000 Conversations” that took place between them also inspired them to new songs. “You can write a new song for each song.” This is what the winner says casting show The “Greatest Swiss Talent” of 2012.

How do you like the new couple?

There have been rumors since January that the two are a couple. Sasha Rovere Streamed on various media His New Relationship: “It feels great to have someone again.” Keep the name a secret to protect privacy.

Just last year he separated from his wife Vera (41) who Mother his son (8).

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