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DJ Ötzi: The official Christmas song with his daughter

It was actually only a matter of time before daughter Lisa Marie Friedel followed in the musical footsteps of her famous father. Now, at Christmas time, she’s dared to take the step and give her father, DJ Ötzi, great fun. As a sort of early Christmas present, she let herself go away for the first time at a father-daughter show.

DJ Ötzi: Singing together has always been a ritual

Jerry Friedel, aka DJ Ötzi, is currently completely busy with the preparations for his TV show “Magical Christmas”. Lisa Marie wanted to contribute her role to the show, and thus suggested a Christmas duet to Papa Jerry’s. Since the two are a really well trained team when it comes to “singing,” this shouldn’t be a big deal. So DJ Ötzi himself was immediately excited by the idea of ​​his daughter: “We sing often, and not just under the Christmas tree.” Practice creates masters! The 19-year-old already had a definite nickname in the back of her mind that had done that to her. DJ Ötzi chats on “BILD”: “My daughter loves John Lennon’s ‘Happy XMas’ song and that’s why we chose it.” Did Lisa Marie feel a great stage fright next to her seasoned father?

DJ Otzi: A father gave his daughter Lisa Marie strength and support

Lisa Marie perfected her debut in front of the cameras with flying colors. The young singer also frankly admits: “It may have been the most exciting moment of my life, but it was also the most beautiful moment.” According to her own statement, the presence of her famous father calmed her and removed her initial stress: “I did not dare to sing alone in front of the camera, but my father gave me strength and support,” Lisa Marie says. Have you tasted it now? Father Ötzi already testifies that his daughter has a “really great talent”. It remains to be seen what Lisa Marie Friedel does with it.