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Amigos: Suddenly it’s all over

Amigos are currently in the middle of producing their new album. During the recording, an unexpected incident occurred that worried the two brothers. Suddenly everything fails.

The Amigos: The studio suffered a major blackout

“The Amigos” are currently recording their new album. While the brothers and their producer Michael Dorth were busy producing songs, suddenly darkness appeared in the studio. There was also a thunderous bang before the lights and computer systems and equipment went out as well. The two have a studio in Much, a municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia. This area was affected by widespread power outages on Friday evening.

Amigo: Have the songs disappeared?

Not only did the famous duo not get electricity from now on, but a total of 41,000 households in the area were affected. The power outage lasted about 24 hours. Producer Dorth was concerned the whole time and told Bild: “I was worried about some damage. Especially on hard disks.” After the electricity turned on again, Dorth immediately checked whether the substance was still there. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief: all the material for the new Amigos album is undamaged. The other case was also very annoying. After all, according to Dorth, the album is 90 percent complete.