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Different data: Who will get the Boeing 777X first - Lufthansa or Qatar Airways?

Different data: Who will get the Boeing 777X first – Lufthansa or Qatar Airways?

In fact, Lufthansa should be the first operator of the new long-haul aircraft. But Qatar Airways claims to have received the first Boeing 777X itself.

Initially, the customer who supports it the most should receive the new long-haul aircraft first. with Ordering 150 Emirates 2013 models helped the 777X For a great start. Since then, the golf airline has reduced orders by 35 aircraft, but it is clearly still the largest customer.

However, Boeing rescheduled much earlier when it came to the initial operators. The American aircraft manufacturer Lufthansa made the first receiver of the new model. With the decision of “the modern and highly efficient 777X for their long-distance fleet”. German airline again the first customer of the model became, explained. Boeing wants to reward this with a token first delivery.

Lufthansa doesn’t know anything about changing the plan

But in Doha you see things differently. Early in 2019, Qatar Airways President Akbar Al Baker said the company would be the first customer of the 777X. At the Farnborough Air Show, the statement has strengthened these days and gone even better. He said it would be the first airline in the world to receive a copy of the new long-haul aircraft. The golf airline is the second largest customer with 74 copies.

Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr said last year that the plane would be the first operator in the fleet. In Frankfurt, they don’t want to know anything about another change of plan. “From our side, there is no new position,” a spokesman for the group said. Lufthansa has ordered a total of 27 Boeing 777s – 20 Boeing 777-9s and seven 777-8Fs.

“Great first time clients”

Boeing does not want to comment on details of who will eventually receive the first Boeing 777x. “We are delighted to have fantastic launch customers for the 777x,” says the aircraft manufacturer.

who – which According to the latest planning, the first version will be in 2025 delivered to the customer. This is a delay of nearly five years compared to the original plan.