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Microlino 2.0 first training session

Blake runs the first audition round

This is how the Microlino 2.0 . drives

Finally you can buy Microlino 2.0. Finally we were able to make our first short test ride at the Dübendorf ZH with a copy of the exclusive First Pioneer Series from skateboard manufacturer Küsnacht.

Maybe I wasn’t crawling so elegantly through the front door into the driver’s seat. Some time he gets used to the front two-seater climb. “But my work is if there are about three microlinos standing side by side in a parking space. It is possible,” says co-general manager Oliver Obuter (27 years old) and smiles. He accompanies me on my first course via Dübendorf ZH.

It’s hot, and there’s no AC at the Microlino, but there is a manually operated retractable roof – and the seats are a bit cramped for two. I don’t want to drive a distance like Ticino like that, I think to myself. But that’s not the idea either. The fully electric Microlino, 2.52 meters long and 1.47 meters wide, is designed for the city with a maximum range of 230 kilometers. There are no airbags, but thanks to the self-supporting steel chassis, it is much safer than the first prototype Microlino 1.0.