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Amag handles official sales and services for Microlino

“We’ve been very questioned,” Co-Managing Director Oliver Obtter admits after the official press conference with a smile. He did not address the high temperatures in the former military aircraft hangar in Dubendorf ZH, where the conference took place. But negotiations with amag To cooperate in sales and service for Microlino 2.0.0 Update.

Amag carefully examined what it was getting with the Ouboter brothers’ small two-seater electric car and even hired outside experts for this. But it seems that the Ouboters were able to answer many questions to their full satisfaction along with the head of development, Peter Müller, the former head of development at Porsche and BMW. Official sales and service of the Swiss e-city will begin on September 30, 2022 – initially at large Amag centers in Bern, Dubendorf and Geneva.