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Dean Schneider married Ellie

Dean Schneider married Ellie

South Africa

Dean Schneider, the lion whisperer, married Ellie

The Zurich resident married his fiancée, Ellie, in South Africa. He confirms that he will continue to stay in touch with his fans and will continue to produce and publish animal content.


Dean Schneider and Eli are now officially husband and wife.


  • Dean Schneider married his fiancée, Ellie.

  • The Zurich native has reached a point in his life where social media is no longer the top priority.

  • He’ll be flying back to Hakuna-Mipaka Oasis on Monday a week from now and can’t wait to meet all the animals.

In addition to his large animal family consisting of lions, hyenas, and snakes,… Brigadier General Schneider, known as the Lion Man (31) It had long been clear that he also wanted to establish a “human family.” The Zurich native revealed this in an interview with 20 Minutes in February 2021. In January this year, he announced his engagement to Elle.

Good The lion whisperer has He took the next step and married Eli. In an Instagram post, the Zurich resident wrote: “It’s been a little quiet around me these past few weeks and I decided to take a minute to share this news with you. I’m finally and officially married!”

He wants to continue producing content

Social media still plays an important role for him, but he’s reached a point in his life where it’s no longer a top priority “and where some parts of my life deserve more privacy and time than others.”

He assures us that he will continue to stay in touch with his fans and produce and publish animal content. And further: “I will continue to share the greatest aspects of my private life with you. But in this chapter of my life, family and quality time are more important to me than ever.

He will be back at Hakuna-Mipaka Oasis a week from Monday, and can’t wait to meet all the animals, enjoy and share the start of the South African summer with his fans. Five years ago, Dean Schneider immigrated to South Africa to establish the Hakuna Mipaka Wildlife Sanctuary. There he and his team house a variety of animals from giraffes and zebras to hyenas and lions.

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