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Davis Cup: Fans spoil Zverev's joy at promotion

Davis Cup: Fans spoil Zverev’s joy at promotion

Davis Cup

Germany and the United States were the last two teams to win playoffs in the Davis Cup and are also in the group stage in September. Olympic champion Alexander Zverev led the Germans there but was enraged by the crowd. After beating Brazil’s Thiago Monteiro 6-1, 7-5 in the singles best on Saturday night, the 24-year-old rushed off the main court at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro.

Zverev justified his lack of celebration on the field by saying, “We’ve been booed here all the time, and at some point it was enough.” The number one player in Germany made her especially angry because he was repeatedly offended by part of the audience. “The spectators crossed a line,” Zverev said. “You can hate me, not love me. If it goes against your family or against someone you love, the line will be crossed,” Zverev said. “And that has been crossed in almost every game here today.”

How unfair the audience in Brazil can be in Austria’s Davis Cup history book: In 1996, “fans” with spitting, thrown objects and mirror glare, Thomas Muster in doubles alongside Udo Blumberger, was so upset that in the fifth group he left the place . After the singles were 1:1, the international match was later rated 4:1 for Brazil.

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In terms of sports, Zverev was able to convince: the German won both of his matches in the Davis Cup

Presently, Zverev is also furious after a week and a half panicked at the ATP Tour in Acapulco. “This is Acapulco,” some fans shouted, referring to his exclusion last week from the middle of the second set. In Acapulco, after a double loss, Zverev hit the referee’s chair several times with a tennis racket and nearly hit the referee in the foot. Zverev was subsequently banned from the tournament and fined. In addition, the ATP organization is still investigating against it.

Zverev’s short-term Davis Cup comeback

After the events of Acapulco, Zverev in a very short time decided to return to the Davis Cup. Perhaps also to polish his shattered image again. In terms of sports, the world number three succeeded in achieving success in all areas. After his clear win in two sets over Thiago Seyboth Wild on Friday, he didn’t give Monteiro a chance from the start.

For the group stage, which will take place at four locations to be determined later, Germany is now considering an application to host a group. Starting with the quarter-finals, the match will then be played at a location that also remains open from November 23-27.

The United States is managing a clear victory

In Reno, Nevada, hosts USA in the form of Jack Sock and Rajiv Ram secured a decisive 3-0 lead against Colombian duo Juan Sebastian Cabal and Nicolas Barrientos 6-3, 6-4 in the first game. Robert Farah, Cabal’s record partner, had to retire at short notice due to a neck injury. Captain Mardi Fish’s team is also in the third edition of the final tournament in the group stage, thus also avenging the defeat of the group stage in 2021.