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Super Bowl: The Record Game

Super Bowl: The Record Game

SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles accommodates more than 70,000 people

Photo: Imago

It’s that time again: on Sunday,Energy(pronounced: superboul) instead. Because of the time difference, it’s already night here. The Super Bowl will be held for the 56th time this year.

Super Bowl, what is it supposed to be? In the United States, it’s the Super Bowl The biggest sporting event of the year. best two games football teams (pronounced football) for the season to achieve overall victory. Football is The most popular sport among Americans. This is similar to the fondness for football among many people in Europe.

This yearLos Angeles rams“against the”Cincinnati BengalsThe special thing about it: The Los Angeles team was allowed to play on its own court. The win went to the Los Angeles Rams. The team (pronounced: tiim) beat the Cincinnati Bengals with a time of 23:20 (13:10).

How do you play football?

Two teams compete against each other. Each team has eleven players. The playing field is divided into zones with many lines. The goal is to get the ball, which looks like an egg, behind the opponent’s last line. You can collect points with this. Football is a raw thing. Pushing, pushing and running over someone are part of it. So players also wear well-padded tracksuits and helmets.

Soccer uses the whole body
Photo: Imago

But the Super Bowl isn’t just about sports. The Super Bowl is a big celebration. Many people in the United States and the rest of the world watch the game on TV. With family and friends, we rejoice and celebrate. So much about the Super Bowl is record breaking. Here are some interesting facts:

  • The Super Bowl is the world’s largest sporting event dedicated to a single sport, football. This year’s game will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. There are more than 70,000 seats.
  • Everyone wants to be there. But of course not everyone fits the playing field. To be fair, tickets will be withdrawn. Whoever is drawn can buy a card. The cost of the cheapest tickets this year About 515 EUR. If you resell your card, you can pay for it Between 4,000 and 13,000 euros to receive.
  • Since a lot of people watch the game on TV, ad breaks are especially popular. Companies charge a lot for this broadcast. Last year, half a minute cost the equivalent of about five million euros. For comparison: In the first Super Bowl, it was a lot less. In 1967, the time of the advertisement itself cost about 26,000 euros. Today you pay over 190 times as much for it.
  • Eating in bulk: In just one day, there is more food eaten in the United States than on the day of the Super Bowl. Only Thanksgiving (pronounced: fänksgiwing), the harvest festival in the United States, trumps the sporting event. On average, everyone in the United States serves on Super Bowl day Approximately 80 euros Out – mostly for groceries. It seems important: the main thing is not healthy. Especially popular…

popcorn: 4000 tons of which are covered with stickers. For comparison: an African elephant weighs about 6 tons. The amount of popcorn equals the weight of about 666 elephants.

PizzaA lot of people order pizza on Super Bowl day. On this day alone, delivery services do about a third (three thirds) of their business. That’s an awful number!

wrinkle: 14,000 tons of chips (pronounced: chips) are pasted in front of television sets. At the weight of an elephant, this would be 2,333 animals. 😊