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Criticism of Prince Charles, Harry flutters the ears

Criticism of Prince Charles, Harry flutters the ears

Prince Harry continues to pour fuel on the fire.

Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / dpa

Prince Harry may now live with his family in the United States, but he is still making a buzz in the British royal family: After openly criticizing his father, he was reprimanded on the street.

After critical comments about his father, Prince Charles Prince Harry British Avenue was targeted again. “How high can Harry go?” In English: “How drown can Harry be?” Friday’s Daily Mail headline The background to Harry’s criticism is his comments on the American podcast “Armchair Expert”, in which his father accused Prince Charles of passing on his suffering to his children.

Harry described moving with his wife Megan to California as breaking the cycle of “pain and suffering”.

Harry (36 years old) and Megan (39 years old) is very tense with the British rainbow press. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson had made a resemblance to his mother Princess Diana early on in his relationship with Megan, who was also subjected to mass persecution by the paparazzi. There were also many legal disputes between the spouses and the newspapers. These included privacy violations and copyright violations.