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Prince Harry: The royal life was like a zoo

Prince Harry: The royal life was like a zoo

Prince Harry (36 years old) is happy that he can lead a fairly normal life after moving to the United States. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson said on an episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast published on Thursday that his life as a member of the royal family of Great Britain was “like a mixture of” The Truman Show “and a zoo. In “The Truman Show” (1998) the lead actor (Jim Carrey) does not know that he is part of a TV series and that his life has been accompanied by actors in place since his birth.

On his podcast, the prince also said that he wants out of the royal family in his early twenties. “I thought I didn’t want this job, and I didn’t want to be here. See what he did to mom. I wondered how I would settle down with a wife and family when I knew exactly this was going to happen again. ”

Secret encounters with Megan

With his current wife Megan Markle (39 years old), they initially pretended not to recognize each other at the supermarket. Harry said they discussed purchases by text message while standing in different lanes. He would often move around with his head bent and his hat down to remain as undiscovered as possible. In his new home, California, he can now live more freely, no longer so nervous – “my shoulders sank” – and his son Archie (2) can ride on his bike. Harry said of the United Kingdom: “I never had a chance to do that.”

The prince emphasized that he wanted to break the cycle of “pain and suffering” as they were growing up in the upbringing of Archie and his sister, which the couple expect in the summer. He tested it himself, as did his parents. The move to the United States was not planned. Harry said, “But sometimes you have to make decisions and put your family first and your mind first.”