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Cristiano Ronaldo: Iranian artist protects the star

Cristiano Ronaldo: Iranian artist protects the star

Cristiano Ronaldo

After rumors of 99 lashes – now the artist is speaking out

The Portuguese star is said to be facing a painful punishment in Iran for the hug. The Iranian embassy rejects this, and the woman concerned defends it.


Here, Cristiano Ronaldo met Iranian artist Fatemeh Hamami.

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo traveled to Iran with his Al-Nasr team last September.

  • The Saudi club defeated Persepolis Tehran Club with a score of 2-0.

  • Because the Portuguese then hugged a woman, rumors spread of a harsh punishment.

  • Now the artist in question speaks out.

Recently, crazy rumors have been spreading about Cristiano Ronaldo. The reason for this is what was reported by the media The star is threatened with 99 lashesNext time he enters Iran. The alleged reason: The Portuguese embraces and kisses the artist Fatima Hammami on his last trip (watch the video above). This is considered adultery in the strict Islamic state.

The Iranian embassy resisted But he strongly said in a statement: “We strongly deny the issuance of a court ruling against an international athlete in Iran.” Now my bathroom also spoke. The paralyzed woman presented a picture of the football player. The match was part of the AFC Champions League, where Al-Nasr, Ronaldo’s team, met Persepolis (2-0) in Tehran last September.

“He had no bad intentions.”

“Fake news makes me very sad and angry,” she said in an interview with the Argentine news portal Ole. She was so happy to see Cristiano and give him the pictures. The artist also defended Ronaldo. He added: “He is a very professional and respected person, always committed to great charitable causes, and embraced me with love and affection.”

According to the artist, the star was also not aware of Iranian laws. “He had no bad intentions. Hammami said: “My family and I have no problems with this matter. We just want to reject these accusations against Cristiano.”

Cristiano Ronaldo received a precious gift upon his arrival in Iran.

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Ronaldo does not comment on this topic

The Iranian woman has no sympathy at all for the people who started the rumours: “The unemployed lawyers accused him without my permission or the permission of my family.” She is grateful to Ronaldo and “hopes that only the best will happen to him in life and in football.”

Ronaldo himself did not comment on the reports. Before all this turmoil, the artist wrote on Instagram: “I am happy that one of my dreams has come true.” She also published a picture of herself with Ronaldo and a T-shirt that she signed, “For Dear Fatima, the best artist in the world.”

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