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Because of the vegan cake, the boy has to celebrate his birthday alone

Because of the vegan cake, the boy has to celebrate his birthday alone


Malachi (5 years old) invited all his friends – no one came because of the cake

A boy from Australia announced before his birthday party that there would be a vegan cake. After that, no one registered for the party.


Malachi had to celebrate his fifth birthday without friends.


  • Since there was only a vegan cake at Malachi’s birthday party, none of his friends came.

  • Then his mother turned to a Facebook group for vegans.

  • Twelve children have now agreed to have a party with Malachi.

Malachi had a sad fifth birthday. The boy from Scarborough in south-east Queensland, Australia, was abandoned by his school friends after he revealed his mother would bake a cake without animal ingredients.

Malachy’s mother, Angel Crane, 27, had been planning his Pokemon party for more than a month. She was horrified when no one showed up to the party: “I heard the other kids’ lewd comments every day after school. They made fun of it.” That Malachi is a vegetarian“The mother told Daily Mail Australia.

“He loves animals more than anything else.”

The 27-year-old switched to a completely plant-based diet last year, but says she did not expect her sons, aged four and two, to follow suit. The Australian confirms that she did not force her children to do so. Both Malachi and his brother are big animal lovers and regularly visited the farms to see the animals up close.

During one of these visits, Malachi realized where someone was coming from Favorite food, chicken nuggets, comes from. He then vowed to give up eating animals forever. “He’s a really passionate vegetarian,” says his mother. “He loves animals more than anything. When I explained to him that the nuggets contain chicken and the burgers are made of beef, he was shocked and has never wanted to touch an animal product again since.” now.

Kids want the “cow in the cake”

The mother said her son had been looking forward to his Pokemon party for weeks, and was thrilled to celebrate the special day with his friends. “I think he was happy to tell his friends there was a vegan chocolate cake,” the 27-year-old said. According to her, the children demanded “a cow in his cake.”

At first, the frustrated mother hoped the children would get over the vegan cake ‘problem’, but then realized her son would have a lonely birthday ahead of him. The registration deadline has expired without anyone being notified.

The party will be rescheduled

In order to give Malachi a wonderful birthday party, his mother finally agreed Facebook group Suitable for vegetarians. There I asked the parents if they wanted to bring their children to the party. “It’s time next weekend and twelve kids have said yes,” she says. Now she hopes Malachi will find some new friends with similar interests.

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