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Coop is moving to a new location on Tribschenstrasse

Coop is moving to a new location on Tribschenstrasse


Now it’s final: Coop is moving to a new location on Tribschenstrasse

Coop opens a new branch in the Tribschen district of Lucerne – in the immediate vicinity of the competition.

Swiss retail giant Coop opens a new store in Lucerne. According to one Zentralplus web portal report from Thursday Coop will rent on the ground floor of the residential and commercial building “Lou” on Tribschenstrasse in Lucerne. According to a media spokesperson for the bank, the groundbreaking ceremony for Credit Suisse’s new building project will take place at the end of July. However, it remains unclear when the new retailer will open its branch in the Lou development, which is larger than a branch Migros next door become open. Coop could not be reached for comment on Friday.

Modern apartments for rent, outdoor spaces and attractive retail areas: Residential and commercial building “Lou” in the Tribschen district of Lucerne.

Visualization: Business Portraits commissioned by HRS

Two years ago, when the former Solomarket manor disappeared, expansion plans by the Swiss retailer with currently the highest turnover were suspected. It was after negotiations that did not result in the continuation of the Manor Store, but according to the real estate developer’s project documents hour It was already clear that there would be another grocery store in the same location in the future. At the time, Credit Suisse and Cobb confirmed that negotiations were underway. (DVM)