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Charity in the warehouse –

Charity in the warehouse –

The twelve different workplaces were distributed across the entire Alpstein region from Alp Soll to Kronberg. The six divided groups changed workplaces each day in order to do and learn about many different jobs during the week of camp. The starting point was the hostel in Wiesbad, where the trainees stay. From there, the interns and their supervisors were selected by the managers of the relevant workplaces.

Enrich the learners

Despite two very warm working days at the beginning of the week, the camp mood was always excellent. Fortunately, the long-awaited cooling came in the middle of the week. In addition to the different types of work, the focus at the warehouse was getting to know each other and exchanging ideas between trainees from both locations. The experience of working together in a different environment than training at Huber + Suhner AG while at the same time enhancing social and interpersonal skills enriches trainees and motivates them for further training.

high visit

Midweek, CEO Urs Revel and Board Member Patricia Stoltz visited the warehouse with Tom Rosenberger, Head of Training and Further Education. They were given an insight into the various trainees’ workplaces and took the opportunity to lend a hand themselves.