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Controversial comedian Faisal Al-Koosi wins RTL show - viewers are angry

Controversial comedian Faisal Al-Koosi wins RTL show – viewers are angry

After a questionable saying, Faisal al-Kawsi is no longer loved.Photo: Getty

06/21/2022, 08:1206/21/2022, 12:41 PM

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The focus at RTL this week is on LGBTQ+. Appropriately, the radio showcased the new format “Viva La Diva” on Monday evening. The principle behind it: Seven celebrities turn into drag queens and are revealed by two mentorship teams. Among others, Mickey Krause, David O’Doncore and Stephen Halashka appeared. In the end, the winner was a comedian of the format that has been making headlines in negative news lately. RTL distanced itself right after the end of the show Social media A celebrity gossip, but for many viewers it wasn’t enough.

RTL: Controversy over new drag show

Indeed, “Viva La Diva” was well received by the audience, as evidenced by the reactions on the Internet. But the award ceremony changed the mood. “Madame LeStrange” initially appeared on “This Is Me” by The Movie “The Greatest Showman” caused a storm of enthusiasm and was correctly guessed by both teams: It turns out that Faisal Al-Kawsi is this drag queen.

Why Many Viewers Are Finally Outraged: This spring, the comedian’s joke about the knockout’s fall backfired, and his regular broadcaster Sat.1 no longer wanted to continue the collaboration. But now, Kawusi has suddenly won an RTL show dedicated to celebrating tolerance and diversity. Immediately after the broadcast, the presenter made a statement on social networks in which he said:

We are moving away from the statements Faisal Al-Kousi made on social media in April. The song ‘Viva La Diva’ was already recorded in March 2022.”

The broadcaster also asserts that “there is no place here for discrimination and disrespect, all concerned agree.” However, if you read the feedback in the comments, those responsible could have solved the problem better. For example, the user might prefer to see the text as an overlay on the view: “Something like that would have reached more people if it had faded by the end of the show. So isn’t spacing important after all?”

For this viewer, too, the successful new format is now overshadowed by: “It’s not useful anymore, a really good show has a bitter taste and will be remembered.” “It’s too late now to take it seriously,” says one user. Elsewhere there is a sarcasm at last: “You’re lying to yourself now…”

Although this user can also understand the RTL situation, he is also critical of it: “RTL can’t end the show just because of Kawusi. It’s important that they have a sign of it at all social communication state. On the other hand, Kawusi is not TV material again at the moment. Fading off in the end made more sense,” that is his verdict.

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