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This is how his German fiancée describes Switzerland

This is how his German fiancée describes Switzerland

Luca Hänni and his fiancée bought a house in Thun BE. Born in Germany, she reveals what makes Switzerland different from Germany.

The basics in brief

  • Kristina Luft is a German professional dancer of Kyrgyz descent.
  • Since she was in a relationship with Luca Hänni, the beauty has spent a lot of time in Switzerland.
  • Instagram shows the differences between Switzerland and Germany.

Perhaps a lot of people can sing a song about the fact that our northern neighbors are sometimes different from what we do.

One experiences differences up close: Christina Luft (32 years old), fiancee by Luca Hanni (27). The professional German dancer lives in Cologne (D), but soon wants to move to a house in Thun Be with her loved ones.

on me Instagram Now reveal the biggest difference between Switzerland and Germany.

He writes “I have to be completely honest” 32 years Then he adds two meaningful emojis. On the one hand the mountain, on the other hand with the face dollarMarks on the eyes and mouth.

Perhaps this means that Switzerland is more expensive than Germany, and the Swiss are richer than the Germans.

Christina Luft and Luca Haney met and fell in love in the summer of 2020. They want to get married soon.

What do you love most about Switzerland?

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