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Central security control: Lufthansa Frankfurt Hub connects Terminals 1 and 2

Central security control: Lufthansa Frankfurt Hub connects Terminals 1 and 2

Frankfurt Airport wants to establish joint security checks for Terminals 1 and 2 by 2029. Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners in particular should benefit.

Germany’s largest airport is currently building a new terminal. T3 is scheduled to begin operating at Frankfurt Airport South in 2026, and one day reach a capacity of 25 million passengers per year. Lufthansa, the largest airline at Frankfurt Airport and based in Terminal 1, will not use the new terminal.

“T3 will be home to our competitors,” Lufthansa President Carsten Spohr said last week in an interview with analysts, as first reported by the portal. Aero mentioned. Once these airlines move in, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 will be renovated.

Central security control from 2029

Stefan Schulte, head of Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport, made the comments on Tuesday, November 7, also in a meeting with analysts. In the summer of 2026, the airlines will move to T3, Schulte said. “Later, around the end of 2026, we will decommission Terminal 2 because it is more than 30 years old and we need to bring new technology into it.”

“There are also preliminary discussions with airlines, especially with Lufthansa and Star Alliance,” about creating a large “central security area” for terminals T1 and T2, Schulte said. This serves axial traffic. The years 2027 to 2029 are planned for the construction of central security checkpoints and the renovation of T2.

T1 and T2 are also connected on the air side

“And we have infrastructure in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 that is fully connected and networked for central traffic,” said the Fraport president. “Because then there are central security controls.” In the future, T1 and T2 will be connected on both the land and air sides, “which is very beneficial for axial traffic.”

Schulte said Terminal 3 would provide significant capacity for other “non-Star Alliance” airlines. Star Alliance airlines, especially Lufthansa, can grow in Terminal 1 in the next phase, “even in Terminal 2.” Renovations will also take place at T1.

Find out the location of T1 and T2 at Frankfurt Airport on the map: