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DAX in red – weekly earnings contraction – economy

DAX in red – weekly earnings contraction – economy

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – Renewed concerns about interest rates threw the DAX off its path to success on Friday. The main index, which reached its highest level since mid-October to 15,364 points the previous day, fell 0.68 percent to 15,248.79 points at lunchtime. Thus, he reduced his weekly profit to 0.4 percent. However, he will build on the strength he achieved last week.

The MDax index fell significantly on Friday by 2.21% to 25,247.82 points, but it has also risen significantly in the past few days compared to the Dax. The euro zone EuroStoxx 50 index fell 0.8 percent at midday. After the weakness witnessed the previous day, New York stock exchanges opened with little activity.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s statements had already affected US stock markets the previous evening. Accordingly, the Fed is not completely convinced that it has tightened monetary policy sufficiently. Powell stressed that they will not hesitate to raise interest rates again if this proves appropriate.

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