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Celebrity disavowal of Big Brother: Was Payton Ramola disappointed?

Celebrity disavowal of Big Brother: Was Payton Ramola disappointed?

Payton Ramola (21) Reports to her Brumi’s older brother-the end! The influencer had to be on a reality show Live broadcast on Friday. I stood next to the old A farmer looking for a wife-Candidates Oh Abel (51) in the nomination list and finally received the fewest number of calls from viewers. This means that you miss out on the chance to win a prize money of €100,000. he is Payton Disappointed after being fired?

In an interview with Melissa Khalj (32) and Yochen Bendel The 53-year-old explained the show “Promi Big Brother – Die Late Night Show”: “I really enjoyed the time. It was also really, really fun, but I have to say: One week from the space station—that’s really nerve-wracking.” For this reason, she does not mourn her dismissal. She is now looking forward to her home and family.

In addition, let’s Payton Back the relationship with roommates like Eric Senderman (33), Melanie Muller (33) or Baku Steinbeck (46) See and it was said: “I never had a problem with anyone. I was very neutral with everyone.” For this reason, many participants would always come to her to complain about their suffering. However, at some point, you no longer know what to say about it.

“Promi Big Brother” will air from Friday, August 6, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. daily and “Promi Big Brother – The Late Night Show” live thereafter on Saturday 1 and on Joyn

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